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Seven years after producing and refining the size and design of the "Contour Chair", I decided to create a chair design that incorporated arms.  Thus I created the "Contour Arm Chair" in the fall of 2011.  "Contour Arm Chair #1" was completed in October 2011.  Since that time, 8 "Contour Arm Chairs" have been produced and 7 have been sold.  "Contour Arm Chair #8", completed in August of 2014 is available for sale at this time.

Contour Arm Chair

  • Contour Arm Chair #8 is currently available through ECHO Furnishings, Palm Springs.  Contact Kris at 760 898-8207 for pricing information.


    Size:  23" wide x 28" deep x 34" high


    Completed in August 2014.


    Additional chairs can be produced on special order.  Allow about 4 weeks for delivery.


    Crating and shipping costs are based on destination.  Please consult with artist to determine an exact cost.


    8.75% sales tax added for California buyers only.

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