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While looking at the online flower photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe from the 1970's and 80's, I was particularly struck by the purity and forms from the calla lily photographs.  One image in particular struck me as being in tune with my feelings about my work so I decided to recreate it on a large scale.  Thus I started work on the "Hommage to Maplethorpe" in March 2016 and completed it 9 months later in January 2017.  The sculpture comes in two pieces for easier handling, the green base with a hole at the top to receive the white flower stem which inserts into the base.

Hommage to Mapplethorpe

  • Please contact artist for pricing information.


    Size:  40" wide x 40" deep x 76" high


    Completed in January 2017.


    Crating and shipping costs depend on destination.  Please contact artist to determine an exact cost.


    Add 8.75% for California buyers only.


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