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"Image of Man" is the top half of a complete life-size male figure that was one of the first nonfunctional sculptural works I produced after making the decision to spend full time creating art in 1987.  The sculpture broke into two pieces while moving it out of a show in San Francisco in 1989.  The top half has survived the years while the bottom half has been lost.   It is constructed of medium density fiberboard using the technique of alternating body shaped layers with recessed layers that was done for the purpose of emphasizing the layering technique. 

Image of Man

  • Please contact artist for pricing information.


    Size:  39" wide x 32" high x 14" deep.


    Completed in 1988.


    Crating and shipping costs are determined by destination.  Please contact the artist to determine exact cost.


    Add 8.75% sales tax for California buyers only.

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