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"Let the Wood Speak #!" began as a 6 x 10 that was 5 feet long that was a leftover from a construction site.  I stared at the piece of wood for over a year trying to visualize what it could become.  Finally, I decided to just start carving away at it and let the motion of the knots and grains guide me to its shape.  The carving process lasted a few months until the final form you see today emerged.

Let the Wood Speak #1

  • Currently on view at the Cathedral City, City Hall Art Gallery until February 2, 2019.  Please contact artist for pricing information.


    Size:  21" diameter base x 68" high.


    Completed in November 2014


    Crating and shipping costs depend on destination.  Please contact artist to determine exact cost.


    Add 8.75% sales tax for California buyers only

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