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The "Swirl 20 Table" was developed to provide a table surface of 20" which is a more convenient height for most arm chairs and sofas.  To date, nine "Swirl 20 Tables" have been produced and eight have been sold.  Most of the tables have a natural finish but one of them was colored white at the buyer's request and "Swirl Table #9" was finished with a metallic copper paint.  All Swirl Tables can be constructed with a clockwise or counter clockwise swirl.  The top of every Swirl Table is unique and each is signed, dated and numbered.

Swirl 20 Table #9

  • Swirl 20 Table #9 is currently available through ECHO Furnishings, Palm Springs.  Contact Kris at 760 898-8207 for pricing information.


    Size:  15" wide x 17 - 1/2" deep x 20" high.


    Additional Swirl 20 Tables are available through special order.


    Crating and shipping costs depend on destination.  Please contact artist to determine exact cost.


    Add 8.7%% sales tax for California buyers only

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