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"The Scream" is a self portrait that I started in 1987 during the time I was making the decision to change my career from city planning to sculpting.  It captures the time of realization that I had the talents necessary to succeed in my new career.  It uses the first technique I employed to create forms by alternating layers that depict the form with recessed layers.  This was done because of my fascination with lamination and I wanted to emphasize the technique.  The work is created from medium density fiberboard.

The Scream

  • Please contact artist for pricing information.


    Size:  22" wide x 22" high x 4" deep.


    Completed in 1988.


    Crating and shipping costs are determined by destination.  Please consult with the artist to establish an exact cost.


    Add 8.75% sales tax for California buyers only.

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